What’s New?

NO SAME-DAY ORDERS: We complete orders on a pre-order basis. Orders are fulfilled Thursday through Saturday, from 5:00pm-10:00pm.

Free local delivery*

*Although tips are always appreciated, please do not feel obligated.

We are a small family business that appreciates your support.

A driver tip is not necessary.

(Please continue to tip your Uber/Doordash/gig-deliverers)

Vegan Bloc Pizza Menu
Our latest addition to our menu. 16 Inch heart pizza! Purrfect for special occasions.

We Deliver!

We now offer FREE* delivery to local neighborhoods, with a minimum order. Outside our delivery zone? We offer delivery (up to 10 miles) with fees ranging from $3.50-$5.50.

*A driver tip is not necessary.

Our first commercial 

Sam Luke, our resident artist made our first commercial.

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