What’s Square and Flat and Happy All Over?

This past week, The Atlantic published a bit of a hit piece on the modern pizza box.  The box we all know was invented in 1966, but a striking lack of innovation since then has left it stagnant, the author claims.

While your average pizza box may in fact be a dull reproduction of the same box first folded onto a Domino’s pie half a century ago, Vegan Bloc Pizza was fortunate to find an exception to the rule in a clever little box that our customers appreciate. 

Greenbox Pizza Box

Let us count the innovations Greenbox has brought to the stale old pizza wallet:


Yes, Greenbox is still constructed from corrugated cardboard, meaning it can be recycled if reasonably clean of food waste or composted if not. What sets it apart is that it is not only recyclable, but is actually made from 100% recycled post-consumer material.  


Boxes, plates, ziplock bags, oh my!  It’s no secret that fast food creates massive packaging and ancillary waste, which is why Greenbox pizza boxes find opportunities for reuse at every step from our kitchen to your table.  Environmental degradation is concerning to all Earthlings, but all the more so to vegans who realize that much of the suffering humans inflict on other creatures is indirect, through habitat destruction and environmental harm.

Once the box has fulfilled its first role, toting the pizza home, four perforated pizza plates may be easily ripped away for serving up slices.  

Leftovers?  No problem.  The remnants of the box fold into a half-size pizza storage box.  

No innovation in pizza boxes?  Why don’t you be the judge?  Complete a Vegan Bloc Pizza pre-order now for delivery this weekend (Thurs – Sat).  We’d love to hear what you think about our cardboard game.

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